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About the Eisenhower Papers Project

The Dwight David Eisenhower Papers Project is almost unique in the field of scholarly historical editions. Its subject, the former President of the United States and General of the Army, agreed to authorize the effort in 1963 in response to a request from the Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees. He also participated in the editorial process until his death in 1969. Volumes I-V, published in 1970 as a set entitled The War Years, benefited from the comments he made on our annotations, which he carefully reviewed. This close contact was of great value to the first editors, Johns Hopkins University professors Alfred D. Chandler and Stephen E. Ambrose. Following the publication of The War Years, Professor Louis Galambos succeeded Professor Chandler as editor. By 1974 Dr. Galambos had been joined by Dr. Daun van Ee and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hughes. These three, together with Associate Editor Robin D. Coblentz, Associate Editor Janet R. Brugger, Associate Editor Jill A. Friedman, and Editorial Assistant Nancy K. Berlage, still form the core of the project today. The Project is scheduled to complete its work in 2001, with the publication of volumes XVIII-XXI, The Presidency: Keeping the Peace.

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