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Cited Sources

Abbreviated file citations for selected and cited documents are provided in the headings and notes. Most of the documents we used are from the pre-Presidential series of Eisenhower's papers (abbreviated as "EM"), which are housed in the Dwight David Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, Kansas. Many others are from the records of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff (the "CCS" files) and the records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (the "OS/D" files), both held and maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration. A collection cited as "NATO Files, microfilm" is, unfortunately, still classified and unavailable to researchers; the declassified notes that we took are at the Eisenhower Presidential Library. Papers taken from the Columbia University Files (CUF) are in the Low Memorial Library on the Columbia campus in New York City.

Selected Bibliography

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