The Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt, John Kennedy,
and the Election of 1960

Eleanor Roosevelt did not initially support John Kennedy's quest for the presidency. Kennedy's victory at the 1960 Democratic convention did little to change her mind. Yet the candidate knew that her support was a key to his victory. The documents contained in this mini-edition recount the wariness with which they regarded one another and the steps they took to overcome this suspicion as they combined forces in the campaign's final days. The documentation of their rapprochement will interest those studying American politics, the Cold War, McCarthyism, civil rights, and the role of media in presidential elections.
Allida M. Black, Director and Editor
John F. Sears and June Hopkins, Associate Editors
Chris Alhambra, Electronic Text Editor
Michael W. Weeks and Mary Jo Binker, Assistant Editors
Christopher Brick, John S. Emrich,
Eugenia Gusev, Kristen E. Gwinn,
and Bryan D. Peery, Graduate Editorial Assistants

John Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt

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