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Aids to Reading the Documents

The Papers of George Catlett Marshall is a selected edition containing documents written, typed, dictated to a secretary, or (in the case of items drafted by a staff member) heavily edited by Marshall. The transcripts or texts of speeches or statements he made are considered documents by him. A few documents between second and third parties about Marshall have been included. Documents are normally presented in chronological order, but a few (e.g., reminiscences) have been included thematically.

Textual Conventions

All material in document headings is editorial, although the editors attempt to keep the form of address used in memorandums (e.g., Memorandum by the Examining Board, Memorandum for the A.C.S., G-3). Capitalization, spelling, punctuation, abbreviations, contractions, and superscripts are normally retained. Underlined words are normally converted to italics. Text has justified left and right margins. Editorial headnotes begin with a large drop capital and end with a star.

Textual Devices

All material in square brackets has been supplied by the editors: [roman] = additional or clarifying material; [italics] = substitute material to be read in place of preceding words or letters (e.g., "fixed up for these four [three] divisions").

Changes in This Mini-Edition

Document numbers have been added. The format of the heading has been standardized to: George C. Marshall to x, or George C. Marshall Memorandum for The Adjutant General. Salutations and complimentary closes, which were run into the text in order to save space in the print edition, have been returned to separate lines. A key source, Marshall's oral history interviews, was edited and published in 1991, after the publication of volume 1 of the Marshall Papers (1981). All citations herein are made to and all text agrees with the published transcripts. Certain errors in the published edition have been corrected.


A.D.C. aide-de-camp
A.E.F. American Expeditionary Forces
A.G. adjutant general (but not T.A.G.)
A.R. Army Regulation
b. born
Bn. battalion
Cav. cavalry
Co. company
Det. detachment
Engr. engineer(s)
F.A. field artillary
GCMRL George C. Marshall Research Library, Lexington, Virginia
G.H.Q. General Headquarters
H holograph document (by Marshall)
Inf. Infantry
M.V.M. Massachusetts Volunteer Militia
NA National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C.
O.C.S. Office of the Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
RG record group
T typed document (by Marshall)
T.A.G. The Adjutant General, U.S. Army
U.S.A.T. U.S. Army Transport
U.S.M.A U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York
V.M.I. Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia

Note: some of these abbrevations may appear without periods in document source citations--e.g., VMI/RG 2.


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