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Purpose of This Mini-Edition

This small sample of documents is a transitional edition. It began as a 110-page portion of Volume Ten of the Papers of Henry Laurens. The Model Editions Partnership created the mini-edition by scanning and proofreading the printed pages. This sample provides an interesting test of what is possible when a sophisticated print edition with rigorous textual standards is converted to an electronic form. The table of contents appears in almost the same form in the electronic as in the print edition. Here, however, the similarity ends as the user of the electronic version has more choice in how the text appears on the screen.

* Clicking on any document in the table of contents will produce a diplomatic version of the text with symbols and notes to indicate every authorial emendation. Color has been added to highlight certain significant alterations such as cancellation and interlineation.

* The corresponding page image from the printed version can be accessed either by clicking on the bracketed, underlined and colored page number inserted in the text. (These page numbers appear immediately preceding the text that appears on that printed page.) Or, the printed page images may be accessed through the table of contents, where they are listed last.

* A clear text version of each document, without the symbols and notes, may be viewed.

The Laurens mini-edition also offers the user the benefit of the inclusion of a "back of the book" style index. This index, created from the original printed index, provides a more traditional approach to the information in the selection. The index may be accessed by way of the table of contents where it appears after the list of documents. The page numbers after each index entry are linked to the text entry.


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