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The Margaret Sanger Papers Project

Located at New York University, the goal of the Margaret Sanger Papers Project (MSPP) is to locate, organize, research and publish Margaret Sanger's papers (letters, speeches, journals, organizational papers and other documents) in book, microfilm, and electronic form. We have assembled and prepared 54,000 documents, published the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition on 101-reels in two series: Smith College Collections (1996) and Collected Documents (1997) by University Publications of America. Both series are accompanied by printed guides each of which contains a description of the contents of each reel, an index to the authors, recipients, and document titles, brief histories of organizations with which Sanger was associated and search strategies for using the microfilm. We are now working on a reel guide/index for the 145-reel collection of Margaret Sanger's papers microfilmed by the Library of Congress. This will be integrated with the reel guides for the Project's two series into one comprehensive guide/index to all extant Sanger papers. The Project is also currently preparing The Selected Letters and Writings of Margaret Sanger, a three-volume book edition of transcribed and annotated Sanger documents to be published by Indiana University Press. And finally, the Project is developing a series of subject-focused electronic editions that document Margaret Sanger's role in the history of the birth control movement. Our participation in the Model Editions Partnership is the first step in the creation of this electronic series.

Recommended Citation: The Papers of Margaret Sanger, ed. Esther Katz, et. al. (Columbia, S.C.: Model Editions Partnership, 1999). Electronic version. [Accessed (supply date here)]


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