Invitation to Evaluate
Margaret Sanger Papers Mini-Edition

Welcome to the mini-editions of historical documents prepared by the editors of the Model Editions Partnership. The information you provide will help us shape the new editions of tomorrow and gain additional financial support for future editions.

Since our object is to present this sample for review, we invite your critiques. For example, because it is an image edition, the Margaret Sanger mini-edition does not provide "live-text" searching on documents, only searches on the reference materials and target text.

We would be interested in your responses to the following questions:

Do you prefer to see the original document or a transcription?

Are the reference materials useful and do they help to understand the larger issues involved?

Would the addition of subjects to the document templates (which would allow subject searching) make the edition more useful?

How do you use this electronic model?

Do you see it as a replacement or an addition to traditional primary source material?

General Information About You

Age? Male or Female?

Zip Code?

Are you: a high-school student? a graduate student? an undegraduate student? other?

Are You Using a Computer

At home? at work? at school? at a library?


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