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Goals of the MSPP Model Edition

The primary purpose of the MSPP model is to demonstrate how a scholarly edition based on images of manuscript pages could be constructed. The MSPP mini-edition brings together documents from all three Sanger microfilm series to trace the events surrounding Sanger's publication of the Woman Rebel and its legal, political, social and personal aftermath. By creating an identifying template (with names of the authors, recipients, and individuals mentioned in the document, the date of the document, the place from which it was written, and other identifying information) above the manuscript images, the editors have provided context for the documents that makes them easier to read and understand. Templates such as these were produced for our microfilm edition, but by adding hyperlinks and joining the template text to additional reference material, the MSPP has created an electronic edition that enables a much more meaningful research experience. Readers can jump directly from a document image to brief biographies of individuals addressed in the document, descriptions of relevant organizations mentioned in the document, texts of the laws involved, a chronology and information on securing copyright and reproduction rights. Readers can also search the collection for the names of all individuals, organizations, and dates in the edition, and can access the reference materials directly.

Recommended Citation: The Papers of Margaret Sanger, ed. Esther Katz, et. al. (Columbia, S.C.: Model Editions Partnership, 1999). Electronic version. [Accessed (supply date here)]


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