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Nathanael Greene Mini-Edition: Race to the Dan

Purpose of This Mini-Edition

The documents contained in this sample comprise the critical period of Greene's campaign in the South--19 January 1781 through 15 February 1781. Starting with the battle of Cowpens, a pivotal battle in the war in the South, they highlight what has become known as the "Race to the Dan" as the British general, Lord Cornwallis, used all his resources to attempt to overtake and destroy Greene's army as the Americans retreated across the Dan River toward safety and succor in Virginia. This American retreat, which extended across the breadth of North Carolina, is considered one of the masterful military achievements of all time and set the stage for the battle of Guilford Court House, which severely weakened British power in the South, led Cornwallis to abandon the lower South, and set the stage for Greene's recapture of South Carolina and Georgia.


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