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The Purpose of the Mini-Edition

It is a common practice nowadays when publishing large bodies of edited historical documents to issue a comprehensive microfilm edition of facsimiles, followed up with a small selection published in books. By combining, as this mini-edition does, live texts, derived from the Selected Papers, with images of documents, culled from the far larger body of papers available in the microfilm edition, the editors tried to bridge that divide and show how the two customary modes of publication might be joined. To enhance users' ability to search across both kinds of documents, the editors offer reference points for graphic images that parallel information in the live texts.

The hypertext environment of electronic publication offers an infinite variety of ways that historical editors can transform their annotation. The editors experimented with only a few of those transformations in this sample. Most of the supplemental explanations and background remains tied to the document as if the texts were printed on pages. The biographical dictionary is one effort to centralize information but maximize access to it through hypertext links. The maps also give maximum access to centralized information. But they also allow this mini-edition to be illustrated to a degree that is prohibitively expensive in book publication.

Costs of money and time in the production of this sample precluded a total transformation of all annotation away from the styles developed for pages and books. There is still an awkward combination of two worlds. Use of the maps suggests many ways that the joining of visual and verbal information might be extended and deepened. Why not add pictures of the halls in which Susan B. Anthony held meetings, the trains she rode, the men she bested in argument? The experimentation has barely begun.


Recommended Citation: The Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, ed. Ann D. Gordon, et al. (Columbia, S.C.: Model Editions Partnership, 1999). Electronic version. [Accessed (supply date here)]

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