Navigating in a Mini-Edition

Navigating Mini-Edition Home Pages

 Each mini-edition has its own home page with links to various editorial components, to sponsors which support the editorial project, and to other information. Most of the links are intuitive. The major links include the following:

Navigating and Searching  Links to this page which explains how to navigate in a mini-edition and how to search for information.
Historical Introduction  Links to an essay giving the historical context of the documents in a mini-edition.
Documents  Links to a table of contents of the documents in a mini-edition.
Bibliography  Links to a list of the books and articles cited in a mini-edition and to other sources of relevant information.
Purpose of Mini-Edition  Links to a brief description of how a mini-edition is organized and what the editors sought to demonstrate about how an electronic edition of documents might be created.
Acknowledgments  Links to a list of libraries and repositories which have given permission to use materials from their holdings.